The value of good company when eating.

More of a question really, to get you thinking in a holistic way about what you put in your body.  I  think it’s fair to say that healthy food, in general, is less tasty that the stuff that is bad for us.  But does that mean that we shouldn’t eat the bad stuff?  Of course not.  Life is for living, and every saturday at lunchtime (after the gym) I sit down with a couple of friends and have a large fry up and  a large full fat latte.  We talk shit and catch up, and slouch on saggy couches, and we all love it.  My point? You may be putting things that are ultimately bad for you in your body, but is this as bad as the psychological effects of never letting yourself enjoy yourself?  The answer seems clear to me.  But I will let you make your own mind up.

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