Quick tomato & 5 bean soup recipe (with ingredient list image)

A nutritionally balanced soup that delivers a nice jab of flavour. Key nutritional facts: High in fibre, aiding slow steady energy release. Chilli powder high in vitamin A First… Get these ingredients together… 1 -2 shallots 1 can of beans (doesn’t have to be 5 bean, could be any bean really, the key is to have […]

Roast Spiced Aubergine

  It’s been a while.  MY excuse is I’ve been reading paleo diet books and cookbooks.  Recently I’ve been getting more into the Paleo thing.  It seems like a great way to control what you put into your body, not just from the point of view of health, but also because it fits in nicely […]

Scrambled eggs with salsa AND green beans with ginger and soy sauce

Green beans and ginger?  I was unsure it would work but I was wrong.  The key is to add soy sauce. The ingredients: 1 thumb sized knob of ginger a handful of green beans (for the all important dietary fibre) 3-4 eggs (eggs are amazing, eat loads of them) and for the salsa: a handful […]

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are great as a snack.  They have all the hallmarks of a great food for weight loss.  They are high in dietary fibre which means it’s harder for the body to digest them, in turn making their glyceminc index low.  You can put them in curries, or mash them up and turn them into […]

Sweet potatoes – A tasty food for weight loss

baked sweet potato The humble sweet potato.  Contains high levels of  vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene. The beta carotene is the same compound that makes carrots orange, and also an antioxidant, additionally beta carotene may help to stabilise blood sugar levels and is also an anti inflammatory compound.  The sweet potato’s fibre content helps give it a […]

Spinach & Lentil Curry

The best whole foods are often some of the cheapest!  That’s one of the beautiful truths about eating healthily.  This recipe includes super cheap red lentils and spinach leaves.  And makes for one hell of a plate.  Packed full of good nutrients and antioxidants, with a low GI and lots of dietary fibre.  It will fill […]

Venison burgers with roasted celery, peppers, chilli and fresh vine tomatoes.

A great substitute to beef is venison meat.  With roughly half the calories, one sixth the fat content, and only negligibly less protein content, there really is a much healthier alternative to beef.  And in my local supermarket it’s seriously cheap.  What’s not to love about this amazing meat!?  It also has a favourable ratio of omega 3 fatty acids. […]