Losing Weight Is About Muscles, Not Fat

Everybody losing weight is thinking about losing fat. Fat is very visible on our stomach and thighs, and the point of dieting is to get that away. But the true core, the mechanism of how we lose weight has much more to do with muscles than fat itself. Let me show you what we are talking about.

Our bodies are energy power plants. Fat and sugars are the fuels that need to be used in order for us to look fit and great in bikini. Muscles, on the other hand, are those parts of our body that consumes fuel – the fat and sugars. When we are losing weight, it can happen that we lose fat simultaneously with muscles. This is known as bad dieting and is connected with very small amounts of calories consumed and lots and lots of cardio. The problem is that people who jog more than 10 miles per day while eating just fruit and drink water are doing damage to their bodies. We usually have more fat than muscles and with this way of losing weight the muscles will burn off quicker than the fat. And without muscles to use the fat as fuel, our weight loss will stop and become effectively stagnant.

The trick is how to keep the muscles while only losing fat. And luckily there are few simple trick that will make this work.

  1. Eat sufficient calories – majority should be proteins like lean meat, milk, eggs and fish.
  2. Do weight resistance training at least twice a week – this will tell the muscles they are still needed for normal body function.
  3. Do cardio at least three times per week – this will increase muscles activity which will burn more fat.
  4. Eat at least 5 meals per day – this will trick the body into thinking it’s not losing weight and will prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

These are 4 simple rules to follow when losing weight effectively. The weight loss might be slower, but it will be more permanent. But the true measure should always be your mirror – and with these 4 simple steps you will like what you see in it.

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