Reasons to eat eggs as part of a weight loss program



Eggs are absolutely packed with protein.  Most of the bad wrap eggs get in the press is basically bullshit.  The cholesterol argument especially, may be wrong.  Experts now believe that cholesterol that is consumed from food (mostly) doesn’t find its way into your bloodstream, as it has not been produced by your body.  The bulk of cholesterol in your system is produced by the liver after being metabolised from saturated fat, and finds it’s way into the blood.  Bad cholesterol (LDL) is produced from saturated fat, but only about a 1/3 of the fat in eggs is saturated.  If you are worried about consuming too much fat, you can always get rid of the yolk, but to me that is sacrilege, as the yolk is by far the tastiest part (and contains most of the nutrients)!

The reason you should eat these to limit fat accumulation is that they are entirely protein and (good) fat.  Proteins need to be broken down by your body and there is a timespan involved with this and also a small energy expenditure.  Eggs contain vitamin B, which helps metabolise and burn fat, so actually can help your body become more efficient at burning it’s fat reserves if you eat them regularly.  Also, eggs contain a slew of other mineral compounds and vitamins, such as zinc, iron, selenium and calcium.  The egg is nature’s mutivitamin, as well as a very high quality source of clean protein,  with the added benefit of not being a processed meat, and you should be eating them regularly.  As with everything, include as part of a balanced diet.  I usually eat 2 eggs in the morning with black coffee.  This will always see me through to lunch.

Buying tips:

Try to go for free range eggs at all costs, they tend to contain more omega 3 fatty acids,  which are highly beneficial to your brain and nervous system, as well as being anti inflammatory, thus battling chronic inflammation that is such an aggravating factor in many illnesses, (and the animals have led a much better life).