10 ways to a healthier body this spring

Springtime means warmth and sunshine after months of dreary weather, so of course you want to get outside! This also means it is the perfect time to check in with your health and make positive changes. Check out the list below for some fun activities that will make both your mind and body happy. 1. […]

4 ways to lose weight with very little sacrifice

Lower your carb intake / Glycemic index Carbs and fibre All vegetables, grains, fruit and legumes contain carbohydrates.  In their simplest of forms, carbohydrates are nothing more than SUGARS.  But not all natural plant based foods are created equal.  The speed at which they are absorbed, and ways they interact with other foods are modified […]

Weight watchers – Is it right for you?

The world-renowned Weight Watchers weight loss program is one that has attracted millions of members over the past 40 years. While this diet program has changed the lives of many and helped hundreds of thousands of members to lose the weight they had always wanted to, there are a myriad of similar diet plans that […]

The benefits of cold water for your brain & mental state

Cold water has a marked impact on the bodies of mammals, especially those that have evolved to spend most of their time in the water.  This is evidenced by the ‘mammalian dive response’.  An evolutionary adaptation designed to help mammals survive underwater for as long as possible, due to the lack of breathable oxygen.  This […]

NEAT and weight loss.

A term that does not get nearly enough exposure is N.E.A.T.  This acronym stands for Non exercise activity thermogenesis.  It is a term used to describe how much ‘power’ a person expends going about their daily business.  It is a concept often used to help treat severely obese patients who are often unable or unmotivated enough to embark upon […]

The value of good company when eating.

More of a question really, to get you thinking in a holistic way about what you put in your body.  I  think it’s fair to say that healthy food, in general, is less tasty that the stuff that is bad for us.  But does that mean that we shouldn’t eat the bad stuff?  Of course […]

Boredom and eating.

Are you bored?  I know when I’m bored I flog the shit out of the kitchen, especially the cupboard labelled ‘chocolate’.  I’ll be sitting here, thinking about something to do, then I’ll get up in frustration due to not being able to figure out what the fuck to do with myself.  Then once I start […]