Cold water swimming for weight loss and a multitude of health benefits.


open water swimming

One of my favourite things to do is to swim in the sea, and I know from personal experience that one of the best sure-fire ways to blast fat away from my body is to swim in cold water.  Most of the energy our bodies expend when we are in a state of rest is used to stabilise our core temperature.  It is one of the most energy intensive things our body does.

Reasons why cold water is so good for you:

  • Weight loss and metabolism control.  When you put your body in cold water, it has to maintain your core temperature perfectly, just 1 degree over or under and there can be consequences (2 degrees lower than optimal is classed as hypothermia).  The body will literally fight tooth and nail to keep your body temperature as near as perfect as it can, put simply, this takes a lot of energy to do, so when you feel cold you can be sure you are burning extra calories/fat.
  • Endorphin rush.  When your body hits that cold water it releases a wave of endorphins, which gives you a natural high that can be seriously addictive.
  • It’s fantastic for circulation.  Your heart works overtime to keep the blood pumping to those all important internal organs to keep them warm.
  • Increases sex hormone production!!  For that all important libido… Yeeeehaaaa!!!
  • Immune system boost.  Your immune system can react to a sudden temperature change, and responds by upping white blood cell production.
  • And finally… It feels fantastic when you get out and get warm again.  I call this, the afterglow.
As always, exercise caution and always swim with at least 1 partner when open water swimming. Furthermore, if you start to shiver, get out. From the point of shivering it can take several hours to get back to perfect equilibrium.  All the while your body will be in a state of alertness working that extra bit harder for you.
For other ideas about how cold water could help you… see my post on cold water for relaxation.

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