3 exercises for rapid weight loss

There is no doubt that the main ingredients for weight loss are eating healthy foods and engaging in plenty of exercise. Here we will focus on the latter and discuss a few of the best ways to do this. People who engage in exercise sleep better than those who don’t, plus… exercise is fun, once you get addicted to the endorphin rush. Exercise can involve walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, boxing among others.  Interval drills are best, where you focus on quick bursts of high intensity exercise followed by short rest intervals, allowing you to accomplish much more than if you just pushed to complete exhaustion straight away.  In order to achieve the best in your aerobics, you might want a little help from a professional trainer.  Whether you choose to go down the PT route or not, the exercises listed here are amongst the easiest to get started with.  Here are 3 things you can do right now to start you off.

1) Running/Jogging outdoors

One of the differences between running and jogging is the intensity. Running is more intense than jogging and it requires burning of more kilojoules due to the effort from lungs, heart and muscles.

Both running and jogging are aerobic exercises as well. It is necessary to have medical checkups to determine whether you are fit for these types of exercises especially if you are above the age of 40 years. The other hindrances include a chronic illness, or you haven’t exercised for a long time. The running will be preceded by brisk walking in the initial days for about 30 minute’s sessions for six weeks. The best ideal place to jog or run is in a park or away from a major road. Remember to buy the proper and recommended running shoes.

Treadmill workouts

One of the common mistakes that people make while working out is running for a constant speed for about twenty to thirty minutes. Sometimes they also start out without pacing or warming up. If the exercises on a treadmill are not properly done they could lead to injuries. In order to exercise safely on a treadmill, you need to always warm up, increase your workout sessions progressively and give yourself enough time to cool down.  Don’t overdo it or you might end up injuring yourself.

2) Lifting weights   

There is no better method of strength training than through weight lifting. Understandably, most people who wish to lose weight tend to concentrate on cardio exercises more than they do on strength training. Cardio is necessary for burning fat and in developing a lean physique. In fact, there are a number of benefits associated with weight lifting such as increased metabolism –muscles are essential in burring chunks of calories. In women, weight lifting will help in strengthening bones.

3) Cycling

Cycling to lose weight can be fun, sociable, and challenging. Anyone can take up cycling since it is a cheap method of working out. It is great for burning calories as it improves your health. Cycling has focuses on a number of muscle groups, especially in the legs such as hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and glutei. Unlike most exercises, pedal power shifts weight from the upper body to the lower body, as such this offer a great alternative due to less pressure on the joints. In a half hour session you can lose up to 670 extra calories.

So, try doing these 5 or few of the above exercises and attain the most difficult weight loss goals in short span of time!

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