The benefits of wild salmon

Wild salmon

Wild salmon

Science has shown that fish should make up a large portion of a healthy diet, and wild salmon is one of the most nutritionally rich fish available. All salmon offers health benefits, but wild salmon has less fat and a higher nutrient content. Additionally, wild salmon has a lower likelihood of containing environmental toxins from pesticides, such as PCBs.

Salmon contains several vital nutrients:

Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for promoting brain function and heart health.
— Vitamin D, which regulates numerous necessary functions in the body.
— Selenium, which helps regulate thyroid function and prevent cancer.
— Vitamin B-12, which promotes nerve function and synthesizes DNA.

Additionally, salmon is high in protein and low in fat. This lean meat is low calorie, with 145 gram serving containing 228 calories. The protein content helps you to feel satisfied with lower calories, which helps to promote weight loss.

Whenever possible, try adding a few servings of fresh salmon to your weekly menu in order to reap these health benefits. Two to three servings of wild salmon will help promote brain function and memory, and the nutritional value of salmon will help people looking to lose or maintain weight.

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