The one food you should eat at least once a week

Avocados They’re technically a fruit, and are also known as the alligator pear,  and vary in weight between eight ounces and three pounds. Why are they good for you? Read on to find out! HEALTH BENEFITS Avocados have a high amount of fat (85%). They have essential fatty acids for our body.  The fat included […]

The benefits of wild salmon

Science has shown that fish should make up a large portion of a healthy diet, and wild salmon is one of the most nutritionally rich fish available. All salmon offers health benefits, but wild salmon has less fat and a higher nutrient content. Additionally, wild salmon has a lower likelihood of containing environmental toxins from […]


Spinach Benefits Low calories, high fibre. Spinach contains potent antioxidants (anti cancer, free radical neutralising compounds) and anti inflammatory substances.  It contains a plethora of vitamins also, so all round, you should be getting as much of this in your diet as possible.  

Grow your own!

If there is one thing that has really grounded me recently, and made me appreciate the natural world in a much less superficial way, it has been growing my own food.  Last year I began experimenting with aeroponics and hydroponics.  I managed to grow a monster tomato plant, and I was well and truly bitten (no, savagely […]