Losing Weight Is About Muscles, Not Fat

Everybody losing weight is thinking about losing fat. Fat is very visible on our stomach and thighs, and the point of dieting is to get that away. But the true core, the mechanism of how we lose weight has much more to do with muscles than fat itself. Let me show you what we are […]

6 things to consider when adding Green Tea to your diet

We all know that we should drink healthy teas . . . but do you have any idea why? Just like many other super foods, green tea has gained a wonderful reputation without many people really knowing why it is so good for us. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the most […]

The wonderful benefits of Garlic

Garlic originally came from the mountains in Central Asia, but its taste was considered to be so delicious that hundreds of years ago, it began to be traded right across the world. Garlic is a key ingredient of thousands of recipes, from hundreds of different countries. It is difficult to imagine a world without garlic […]

An Unbiased Nutritional Profile of Walnuts

The humble walnut is a key ingredient in classic dishes such as the walnut cake, types of pesto and the classic waldorf salad. Unless suffering from some kind of nut allergy, it’s likely you’ll have indulged in something walnut-y at some point or another. But did you know, aside from being a flavorful addition to […]

The one food you should eat at least once a week

Avocados They’re technically a fruit, and are also known as the alligator pear,  and vary in weight between eight ounces and three pounds. Why are they good for you? Read on to find out! HEALTH BENEFITS Avocados have a high amount of fat (85%). They have essential fatty acids for our body.  The fat included […]

4 ways to lose weight with very little sacrifice

Lower your carb intake / Glycemic index Carbs and fibre All vegetables, grains, fruit and legumes contain carbohydrates.  In their simplest of forms, carbohydrates are nothing more than SUGARS.  But not all natural plant based foods are created equal.  The speed at which they are absorbed, and ways they interact with other foods are modified […]

Weight watchers – Is it right for you?

The world-renowned Weight Watchers weight loss program is one that has attracted millions of members over the past 40 years. While this diet program has changed the lives of many and helped hundreds of thousands of members to lose the weight they had always wanted to, there are a myriad of similar diet plans that […]