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The nutritional benefits of chickpeas (Garbanzo beans, bengal gram)

They have several names, chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans or Bengal gram are an important source of Carbohydrates, Folate, vitamins and proteins. Recent studies have shown that they can lessen your appetite due to their fibre content. Check out our roasted chickpea post here >> Chickpeas are a good source of protein. If you combine them […]

Weight watchers – Is it right for you?

The world-renowned Weight Watchers weight loss program is one that has attracted millions of members over the past 40 years. While this diet program has changed the lives of many and helped hundreds of thousands of members to lose the weight they had always wanted to, there are a myriad of similar diet plans that […]

What you need to know about Alkaline Diets

The alkaline diet is a much-studied and on-going subject matter, due to its claims of improving well-being and overall health. More and more studies are proving the benefits of eating alkaline foods to maintain a healthy pH level in the blood and urine. Doing this, enables the person to treat and combat various chronic diseases […]

The ultimate green superfood? Spirulina: A Complete Overview.

If you keep up with the latest in natural news and nutrition, chances are, you’ve heard of spirulina. Due to its various advantages to health and wellness, this saltwater plant is becoming increasingly common and is available in several different forms. Keep reading for more information on spirulina, including what it is, the benefits it […]

Quick tomato & 5 bean soup recipe (with ingredient list image)

A nutritionally balanced soup that delivers a nice jab of flavour. Key nutritional facts: High in fibre, aiding slow steady energy release. Chilli powder high in vitamin A First… Get these ingredients together… 1 -2 shallots 1 can of beans (doesn’t have to be 5 bean, could be any bean really, the key is to have […]

The health benefits of drinking water

While most people can agree that water is a healthy beverage choice, there has long been debate over how much of the drink should be consumed daily. It was previously thought that at least eight glasses per day was needed to help combat the natural effects of dehydration. Recently, however, a study suggested that that […]

The benefits of cold water for your brain & mental state

Cold water has a marked impact on the bodies of mammals, especially those that have evolved to spend most of their time in the water.  This is evidenced by the ‘mammalian dive response’.  An evolutionary adaptation designed to help mammals survive underwater for as long as possible, due to the lack of breathable oxygen.  This […]

Fat, and why it’s not your enemy!

Most people automatically assume that fat is evil. After all, fat is the reason that so many people around the world are unable to fit into their clothing, right? This has lead to hundreds of companies that now market “fat free” food, beverages, snacks, and everything in between. Unfortunately, what many doctors and scientists are […]

The benefits of wild salmon

Science has shown that fish should make up a large portion of a healthy diet, and wild salmon is one of the most nutritionally rich fish available. All salmon offers health benefits, but wild salmon has less fat and a higher nutrient content. Additionally, wild salmon has a lower likelihood of containing environmental toxins from […]

Omega 3 is a contributor to weight loss and good health

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that the body cannot produce on its own; therefore, people must get it through their diet. Throughout Europe and North America, very few people get enough omega-3. Their diets tend to be higher in omega-6 and lower in omega-3 fatty acids. When there is a dietary imbalance in favour […]

Cinnamon As A Tasty Weight Loss Tool

The main benefit of cinnamon is for maintaining blood sugar levels, thus helping to prevent blood sugar crashes and spikes, which in turn helps you to stave of hunger. You don’t need pills to control blood sugar!  Cinnamon is a spice that adds flavour to all sorts of foods, from savoury to sweet.  This tasty ingredient is […]

Roast Spiced Aubergine

  It’s been a while.  MY excuse is I’ve been reading paleo diet books and cookbooks.  Recently I’ve been getting more into the Paleo thing.  It seems like a great way to control what you put into your body, not just from the point of view of health, but also because it fits in nicely […]

Falafel-ish chickpea balls with fresh yoghurt.

Because chichpeas are a low GI food, and hearty, they are the perfect item to flesh out a dish. What’s more, they soak up flavours. Ingredients: 1x can of chickpeas a bundle of parsley pinch of salt and pepper indian spices (whatever you have to hand) 3 cloves of garlic an onion A tablespoon of […]

Scrambled eggs with salsa AND green beans with ginger and soy sauce

Green beans and ginger?  I was unsure it would work but I was wrong.  The key is to add soy sauce. The ingredients: 1 thumb sized knob of ginger a handful of green beans (for the all important dietary fibre) 3-4 eggs (eggs are amazing, eat loads of them) and for the salsa: a handful […]

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are great as a snack.  They have all the hallmarks of a great food for weight loss.  They are high in dietary fibre which means it’s harder for the body to digest them, in turn making their glyceminc index low.  You can put them in curries, or mash them up and turn them into […]

White cabbage and onion coleslaw (with mustard)

A great one for weight loss as all the ingredients are raw.  A brilliant accompaniment for many meats, a properly made coleslaw can be very good for you. For this you will need: A white cabbage A small onion some cumin seeds  and pepper (cumin seeds have anti-flatulent properties and so are perfect for a recipe with cabbage and […]