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Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

A kеtо dіеt rеfеrѕ to a kеtоgеnіс dіеt, whісh іѕ a hіgh-fаt, аdеԛuаtе-рrоtеіn, lоw-саrb dіеt. Thе gоаl іѕ to gеt mоrе саlоrіеѕ frоm рrоtеіn аnd fаt than frоm саrbѕ. It wоrkѕ by dерlеtіng уоur bоdу of іtѕ ѕtоrе оf sugar, ѕо іt wіll ѕtаrt to brеаk dоwn рrоtеіn аnd fаt fоr еnеrgу, causing kеtоѕіѕ (аnd weight lоѕѕ).

Losing Weight Is About Muscles, Not Fat

Everybody losing weight is thinking about losing fat. Fat is very visible on our stomach and thighs, and the point of dieting is to get that away. But the true core, the mechanism of how we lose weight has much more to do with muscles than fat itself. Let me show you what we are […]

4 ways to lose weight with very little sacrifice

Lower your carb intake / Glycemic index Carbs and fibre All vegetables, grains, fruit and legumes contain carbohydrates.  In their simplest of forms, carbohydrates are nothing more than SUGARS.  But not all natural plant based foods are created equal.  The speed at which they are absorbed, and ways they interact with other foods are modified […]

Weight watchers – Is it right for you?

The world-renowned Weight Watchers weight loss program is one that has attracted millions of members over the past 40 years. While this diet program has changed the lives of many and helped hundreds of thousands of members to lose the weight they had always wanted to, there are a myriad of similar diet plans that […]

What you need to know about Alkaline Diets

The alkaline diet is a much-studied and on-going subject matter, due to its claims of improving well-being and overall health. More and more studies are proving the benefits of eating alkaline foods to maintain a healthy pH level in the blood and urine. Doing this, enables the person to treat and combat various chronic diseases […]

The health benefits of drinking water

While most people can agree that water is a healthy beverage choice, there has long been debate over how much of the drink should be consumed daily. It was previously thought that at least eight glasses per day was needed to help combat the natural effects of dehydration. Recently, however, a study suggested that that […]

Omega 3 is a contributor to weight loss and good health

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that the body cannot produce on its own; therefore, people must get it through their diet. Throughout Europe and North America, very few people get enough omega-3. Their diets tend to be higher in omega-6 and lower in omega-3 fatty acids. When there is a dietary imbalance in favour […]

Cinnamon As A Tasty Weight Loss Tool

The main benefit of cinnamon is for maintaining blood sugar levels, thus helping to prevent blood sugar crashes and spikes, which in turn helps you to stave of hunger. You don’t need pills to control blood sugar!  Cinnamon is a spice that adds flavour to all sorts of foods, from savoury to sweet.  This tasty ingredient is […]

Roast Spiced Aubergine

  It’s been a while.  MY excuse is I’ve been reading paleo diet books and cookbooks.  Recently I’ve been getting more into the Paleo thing.  It seems like a great way to control what you put into your body, not just from the point of view of health, but also because it fits in nicely […]

Drink water to amplify your weight loss without any extra effort

Many people do not consider what  they drink to be as important as what they eat when trying to lose weight.  Take for example, pretty much any kind of fruit juice which is packed full of sugar (or the simplest of carbs)…  What do you think is going to happen if you drink this stuff […]