NEAT and weight loss.

A term that does not get nearly enough exposure is N.E.A.T.  This acronym stands for Non exercise activity thermogenesis.  It is a term used to describe how much ‘power’ a person expends going about their daily business.  It is a concept often used to help treat severely obese patients who are often unable or unmotivated enough to embark upon a proper exercise regimen, and thus need to be encouraged to lose weight without thinking about it, in short they are encouraged to increase their NEAT.  If you go for a walk, your thermogenesis level increases, if you swim in cold water, again your thermogenesis level increases (significantly).  We need to find activities that do not feel like (strenuous) exercise so that we are more likely to stick to the pattern.

2 thoughts on “NEAT and weight loss.

  1. I work an 8 hour desk job and I constantly move my legs in 30 minutes to an hour increments every 15 minutes and wind up doing about 5 to 6 hours of NEAT 5 days a week. I think it truly has helped in maintaining if not losing weight and really how nice is it to lose weight whils still sitting on your butt and not breaking a sweat!

  2. Glad it works for you. Definitely one of the best ways of losing weight is to get into a habit of doing something you enjoy and then it doesn’t feel like work!

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