Scrambled eggs with salsa AND green beans with ginger and soy sauce

scrambled eggs and green beans with salsa

scrambled eggs and green beans with salsa

Green beans and ginger?  I was unsure it would work but I was wrong.  The key is to add soy sauce.

The ingredients:

1 thumb sized knob of ginger

a handful of green beans (for the all important dietary fibre)

3-4 eggs (eggs are amazing, eat loads of them)

and for the salsa:

a handful of capers

a jalapeno pepper

1 teaspoon of mustard

a tablespoon of cider vinegar

a teaspoon of honey

2 cloves of garlic

Preheat an oven to 220 degrees c.  Grab a handful of green beans and coarsely chopped ginger (you want to be able to taste the individual pieces of ginger, plus they will mellow out as they roast) and chuck them in a roasting tin, then pour over some soy sauce, a couple of tablespoons should do, plus a tablespoon of olive oil if you want a richer taste. Toss it all about and then chuck in the oven, they wont take long, maybe 10 minutes.

While the green  beans are cooking  cook your salsa, simply chuck all the ingredints together and a dd a bit of water, then wait for everything to reduce down to a gloopy hot salsa.

Finally, scramble your eggs.  (Try and get hold of duck eggs as they contain more omega 3 then hen eggs).

Plate up!!


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