The one food you should eat at least once a week


They’re technically a fruit, and are also known as the alligator pear,  and vary in weight between eight ounces and three pounds. Why are they good for you? Read on to find out!



Avocados have a high amount of fat (85%). They have essential fatty acids for our body.  The fat included in avocados can help ease inflammation, which could be of benefit to those that suffer from arthritis.  Avocados also help the absorption of antioxidants such as beta-carotene and others. Avocados also supposedly have anti-cancer benefits, and while this hasn’t been extensively tested, researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory benefits are the main facotr. We also believe that avocados can increase oxidative stress on the cancer cells, and thus shift them into a death cycle which lessens the number of cancer cells in the body.


Avocados are rich in Vitamins such as Vitamin A, E, and K. A majority of the concentration of these vitamins is found in the pulp. Avocados are also packed with numerous health benefiting plant nutrients and are a great source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, which  help lower blood cholesterol levels and prevent constipation.

A single avocado has about 975 milligrams of potassium. A large banana on the other hand only delivers 487 milligrams, so avocados are clearly the choice for adding more potassium to the body.Most fruits have very small amounts of proteins (commonly about 1g protein per serving). Avocados are a good source of protein and contain about four grams of protein.


Avocados can quickly be ripened by placing them in a bag with an apple or banana. The gasses trapped in the bag encourage it to ripen.

Avocados provide so many benefits that they should be a part of our everyday diet. Those that have chronic inflammation should definitely think about adding them!

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