Venison burgers with roasted celery, peppers, chilli and fresh vine tomatoes.

A great substitute to beef is venison meat.  With roughly half the calories, one sixth the fat content, and only negligibly less protein content, there really is a much healthier alternative to beef.  And in my local supermarket it’s seriously cheap.  What’s not to love about this amazing meat!?  It also has a favourable ratio of omega 3 fatty acids.   Combine this with the dietary fiber of celery (which satisfies your food cravings for longer), and you have a highly nutritional meal that will keep you feeling full for a good few hours.  Serves 1 hungry 230 pound man 😉

How to cook it:

  1. Get 3 sticks of celery, a pepper, a chilli, 2 venison burgers and a packet of tomatoes.
  2. Cut the celery, chilli and peppers up and place them in some open tin foil, also place the burgers in here.
  3. Grill what you just put in the foil ‘plate’ you just made (this really just saves washing up a utensil) at full power until everything is cooked nicely.  You will probably find that the tops of the veggies burn a little bit, but I like this.
  4. Pour everything onto a plate once cooked, and place your tomatoes around the outside.  You’ll have a lovely mix of hot and cold vegetables and lovely lean venison burgers.
  5. Add olive oil (optional).

The nutritional benefits:

  1. Venison meat is a much healthier alternative to beef. (Quick recap: about 1/6 of the fat contained in beef, of which less is saturated fat / only very slightly less protein / half the calories)
  2. Celery is high in fibre, and apparently contains androsterone, which acts as a natural pheremone which is attractive to women.
  3. Chilli contains cpsaicin, which can increase your metabolism for a short time… This won’t really have an effect on your long term weight loss but it may help to control blood sugar in the minutes after eating which is typically when blood sugar spikes.

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