Can you lose fat by eating it?

Calorie counting

Counting the calories is how people thought they would lose weight in 80s and 90s. Today we realize that what you eat is as least as important as how much you eat. In fact how much you eat depends on what you eat. It sounds reasonable that by eating fat one gains fat; but we know better. Consuming healthy fats is vital to figure formation; paradoxically. it is the way to lose fat and retain muscles that give you the form to inspire envy (if done right).

Eat the right things!

A healthy body needs healthy foods. If you have ever eaten white bread or other forms of simple sugars/carbs, you have probably realized that you are constantly hungry. Simple carbohydrates will satisfy the momentary need for food but in an hour or two you will have cravings and will eat again.  This is all to do with the blood sugar spike, and resulting insulin response. By eating smart, these cravings can be reduced and you will eat less. Healthy fats such as in olive oil or salmon will give you feeling of being full longer. Together with protein found in meat, milk and eggs, healthy fats are the source of extended energy. Simple sugars are only a temporary solution. In such a way, eating a healthy smart meal full of protein, healthy fats and high amounts of fibre you will feel full for more than three hours without constant snacks in between.


Healthy fats and protein are also main components of our bodies. All our muscles are composed of proteins, together with healthy fats they are building blocks of a healthy fit body. Sugars on the other hand are there only for momentary energy needs and do are not building our body. The modern diet creates an excess of sugars in our body which prompts fat to build up fat and gain weight. However it is not the fat that should be blamed – it is the sugars!

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