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Sweet potatoes – A tasty food for weight loss

baked sweet potato The humble sweet potato.  Contains high levels of  vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene. The beta carotene is the same compound that makes carrots orange, and also an antioxidant, additionally beta carotene may help to stabilise blood sugar levels and is also an anti inflammatory compound.  The sweet potato’s fibre content helps give it a […]

Flax seed – another super food?

Flax seed contains omega 3 + 6 fatty acids and dietary fibre, which if you know anything about nutrition is a very good start.  There may be further benefits however, as clinical research shows that certain compounds within them may stunt the growth of certain tumors.  Flax seeds our also our dietary friend as they […]

BMP8B for weight loss?

BMP8B (bone morphogenetic protein 8B) has recently been implicated in weight loss by Andrew Whittle at the University of Cambridge.  Currently experiments are only being performed on mice but the evidence is there.  Mice that produced more BMP8B burned more energy and therefore were leaner, and so did the ones that were injected with the protein. […]

NEAT and weight loss.

A term that does not get nearly enough exposure is N.E.A.T.  This acronym stands for Non exercise activity thermogenesis.  It is a term used to describe how much ‘power’ a person expends going about their daily business.  It is a concept often used to help treat severely obese patients who are often unable or unmotivated enough to embark upon […]

The benefits of almonds

NUTRITIOUS AND HEALTHY The almond is a great nut.  High in monounsaturated fat – which can be used to substitute for saturated fat, and typically high in vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant, and is linked with weight control and better circulation.  Almonds are also a source of vitamin B and magnesium, while also […]

Star Anise – Benefits

Star Anise has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to combat ailments such as arthritis, gas relief and as a mucus thinning ‘experctorant’. A beautifully stellar spice, star anise contains ‘shikimic acid’ which is an active compound in the drug tamiflu, which is used to treat flu.  It also contains ‘anethole’, […]

Boredom and eating.

Are you bored?  I know when I’m bored I flog the shit out of the kitchen, especially the cupboard labelled ‘chocolate’.  I’ll be sitting here, thinking about something to do, then I’ll get up in frustration due to not being able to figure out what the fuck to do with myself.  Then once I start […]

Start Here! The number 1 reason your weight loss has plateaued.

There is a lot of misleading material out there, and this article is designed as a primer for you and your new healthy weight loss adventure.  I will go over what I believe is the number 1 reason for so many people are overweight (other than apathy of course, you have to actually be willing to change […]