BMP8B for weight loss?


An iceberg

BMP8B (bone morphogenetic protein 8B) has recently been implicated in weight loss by Andrew Whittle at the University of Cambridge.  Currently experiments are only being performed on mice but the evidence is there.  Mice that produced more BMP8B burned more energy and therefore were leaner, and so did the ones that were injected with the protein.  BMP8B seems to stimulate brown fat cells, and those brown fat cells are primarily used by the body in a sort of ‘slow burn’ to keep our temperature level constant.

Let’s apply a bit of common sense here.  This is a protein that is produced more when mammals (mice in this case, but probably humans too) get cold, (as evidenced by some of the mice, which were kept at lower temperatures, and produced more BMP8B).

Ice baths have been linked to testosterone production, and we know that our bodies burn huge amounts of energy to keep us warm, but there may be a longer term effect due to this protein.  This summer I shall be experimenting with regular sea swimming/cold water swimming in the Irish Sea to see whether it may have a long lasting effect.

Stay with me, photos soon.

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