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Venison burgers with roasted celery, peppers, chilli and fresh vine tomatoes.

A great substitute to beef is venison meat.  With roughly half the calories, one sixth the fat content, and only negligibly less protein content, there really is a much healthier alternative to beef.  And in my local supermarket it’s seriously cheap.  What’s not to love about this amazing meat!?  It also has a favourable ratio of omega 3 fatty acids. […]

Boredom and eating.

Are you bored?  I know when I’m bored I flog the shit out of the kitchen, especially the cupboard labelled ‘chocolate’.  I’ll be sitting here, thinking about something to do, then I’ll get up in frustration due to not being able to figure out what the fuck to do with myself.  Then once I start […]

Start Here! The number 1 reason your weight loss has plateaued.

There is a lot of misleading material out there, and this article is designed as a primer for you and your new healthy weight loss adventure.  I will go over what I believe is the number 1 reason for so many people are overweight (other than apathy of course, you have to actually be willing to change […]