Falafel-ish chickpea balls with fresh yoghurt.

Because chichpeas are a low GI food, and hearty, they are the perfect item to flesh out a dish. What’s more, they soak up flavours. Ingredients: 1x can of chickpeas a bundle of parsley pinch of salt and pepper indian spices (whatever you have to hand) 3 cloves of garlic an onion A tablespoon of […]

White cabbage and onion coleslaw (with mustard)

A great one for weight loss as all the ingredients are raw.  A brilliant accompaniment for many meats, a properly made coleslaw can be very good for you. For this you will need: A white cabbage A small onion some cumin seeds  and pepper (cumin seeds have anti-flatulent properties and so are perfect for a recipe with cabbage and […]