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285.000 kcal

5 of the most important measurements for weight loss. Foods high in fibre help to bulk out the nutrients in the food and cause it to be digested slower, and so are especially good for weight loss and maintaining blood sugar levels. Most natural foods contain a high amount of water. Foods high in carbs will have a high glycemic index and be more satisfying, but if eaten too much will cause an insulin response that will quickly make you hungry again. As a general rule, you should look for foods with a balanced profile so that they give you enough energy, but are digested slowly.

All fats are prone to rancidity. Saturated fat is less prone to oxidisation. Saturated fats are better to cook with, followed by monounsaturated fat, then polyunsaturated fats. Saturated fats are also highest in energy.

Water 11.300 g
Fiber 29.800 g
Carbs 52.040 g
Protein 19.930 g
Fat 6.030 g
   Saturated 1.577 g
   Monounsaturated 0.210 g
   Polyunsaturated 3.257 g
Cholesterol 0.000 mg
Choline 0.000 mg
Sugar 0.000 g
Ash 10.700 g
Calcium 1488.000 mg
Iron 87.470 mg
Magnesium 602.000 mg
Phosphorus 276.000 mg
Potassium 1924.000 mg
Sodium 344.000 mg
Zinc 2.410 mg
Copper 1.542 mg
Manganese 11.482 mg
Selenium 0.000 µg
Vitamin C 0.000 mg
Thiamin 0.288 mg
Riboflavin 1.421 mg
Niacin 6.561 mg
Vitamin A 10579.000 IU
Vitamin B6 2.579 mg
Vitamin B12 0.000 µg
Vitamin D 0.000 IU
Vitamin K 0.000 µg